This past week our Beverly Hills team attended the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s regional intensive in classical architecture. This eight day course focused on the fundamentals of architectural design, with classes being taught by some of the best architects in the field of classical design. The classes featured a balance of lectures, studio work, and guided tours.

We were honored to receive scholarships for the majority of our architecture team, which allowed our entire team to participate in this educational experience. In order to create stunning contemporary architecture, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of classical architecture. A firm understand of classical conventions can be applied to all styles of design and elevate the final product into a house that is harmonious and visually pleasing. 

The intensive was held at the Greystone Manor, a name familiar to anyone who knows Beverly Hills architecture. This stunning Tudor Revival mansion was the ideal location for our architecture team to immerse themselves in the craftsmanship of the era. The team’s favorite part was learning about ink washing and creating their own washes – a trickier process than you’d expect!

A huge thank you to the ICAA for putting on this intensive. Our architecture team can’t wait to put the knowledge they learned to use!