Chimney Leaks in Heavy Rain

Chimney leaks in heavy rain are never good news for homeowners. Bealing Roofing & Exteriors is a go-to resource for chimney repairs and installations in Pennsylvania. Our team of certified and experienced technicians offers unsurpassed chimney repair and installation services at affordable prices.

How much to repair a leaking chimney?

Homeowners spend anywhere between $85 and $1,500 for chimney repair work. Repairs on the chimney crown and those targetting water leaks on the roofline can cost anywhere between $150 and $350. These are only baseline prices, and the cost can vary depending upon your project’s scope and complexity.

In addition to repair services, some homeowners may choose to upgrade their vent structure to increase the longevity of their chimneys. As a leading laundry repair company, we recommend a siloxane waterproofing treatment to create a seamless and durable water barrier, which can improve your chimney’s performance.

How to stop rain from pouring down my chimney?

A poorly fitted chimney cap, incorrectly installed flashing, damaged masonry are some of the causes for chimney leaks. To prevent roof leaks in heavy rain, hire a professional roofing contractor for regular maintenance. Annual chimney sweepings, repairs, and inspections can help you identify potential issues and repair them, preventing chimney leaks during the rainy season.

Another smart way to prevent chimney leaks when it rains is to waterproof your masonry. Your contractor will apply a specially designed sealant to your chimney, allowing it to retain its semi-porous nature while also keeping the water out. We repair damaged chimney covers and offer annual maintenance services at the lowest cost in PA and MD.

DIY roof installation vs. hiring a professional 

The roof makes for a critical component of your home. Roof installation and repairs can be pricey depending on your house’s size, the materials you choose, and where you live. Here are some pluses and minuses to DIY installations vs. hiring a professional to help you make an informed decision:

Pros of DIY installations

  • You can potentially save a lot of cash in labor costs.
  • You can do it at your own leisure.

Cons of DIY installations

  • You may not possess the right equipment or tools or have access to cutting-edge technology to do a stellar job.
  • You may lack the expertise of a professional, which can prevent you from sourcing the best quality materials and employing the industry’s best practices during installation.
  • Poor roof installation can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.

Pros of hiring a professional

  • They can get the job done much faster.
  • Roofing technicians possess the highest training and experience and offer a flawless roofing job that stands the test of time.
  • Roofing technicians possess appropriate insurances to financially protect themselves and you from potential damages and accidents during the installation.

Cons of hiring a roofing contractor

  • Hiring a contractor can cost you slightly more than DIY installation, as it includes the cost of labor.

Do not worry about your chimney leaks in Heavy Rain anymore. Bealing Roofing & Exteriors is a specialized chimney repair service provider with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews from past clients. Whether you require regular maintenance or a one-time repair, contact us today to discuss your chimney-related problems. Get in touch with us at 717-634-3355 or 443-507-8005 to receive a free quote.

Chimney Leaks in Heavy Rain

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Chimney Leaks in Heavy Rain

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