Ames Peterson DIGS Publication

August 22, 2018 in Projects

Our architecture team had a great time working on this “Classically Modern” West Hollywood project in collaboration with Chelsea Design Associates. We were thrilled that DIGS featured the Orlando project as a cover story for their May 2018 issue. Read all about the project below, and click the button below to see more photos. 

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A Guide to the Malibu Planning Process for a Coastal Development Property

April 23, 2018 in Projects

Getting a building permit in Los Angeles can be a long, difficult, and confusing process. There’s a lot of steps and red tape involved, and building permits are required for new constructions, additions, alterations, and demolition/removal of a building or structure (so, pretty much everything). When you add in cities with further requirements, such as Malibu’s Local Coastal Program, things get even trickier.

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European Elegance in Palm Beach, Florida

April 11, 2018 in Projects

As the saying goes, inspiration can strike at any time. Consider the design inspiration for Stone Creek Ranch: a magazine tear sheet of a home in Provence. Our clients came to us with the tear sheet and a vision of creating a modern French country manor home. The result couples Tuscan architecture and hints of Mediterranean flavor with updated twists, such as clean, fresh lines; contemporary color tones; and thick archways and columns.

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10 Trailblazing Female Architects

March 8, 2018 in Projects

For over 150 years women have shown their passion for architecture through countless contributions to the male-dominated profession. Even in 2018, architecture can be a challenging career path for women and gender imbalances at architectural firms remains a glaring issue. In honor of International Woman’s Day, this list celebrates 10 highly influential female architects who left their mark on the industry. While not an exhaustive list of all talented female architects, these are some names you should definitely know.

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