Architects In Malibu

Architects in Malibu

Architects are of the most important pieces in any building project. They’re the professionals responsible for drawing the plan and setting the general tone for the construction. Thus, it’s imperative to choose the right architectural firm if you’re about to embark on any construction or renovation project. If you’ve been searching for the best architects in Malibu, you need not look beyond the experts at Ames Peterson International. We take pride in creating constructions that combine modern ideas with historical influences, and our clients are left in awe when we bring our magic to life.

Where do I start with my building project?

Many architects recommend compiling a brief before the first consultation. However, we feel this might put too much burden on the client. Our architects in Malibu have a process guide that can help clients conceptualize the picture they have in mind. In the process, we’ll develop a comprehensive brief that will include what you need or want, your budget, the timeline, and what the final project should look like.

How much will my building project cost?

Your building project’s cost will ultimately depend on what you wish to achieve- from the building structure down to the level of finish. Your architects in Malibu can give you a very rough estimate of the soft and hard costs after they have produced your brief. However, you should know that it’s hard to provide an accurate estimate until the design work has been completed. You can help your architects by letting them know your budget from the onset, so they’ll design something that fits.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Again, it’ll be hard to tell you how long your project will take until we have more specifics about the project. If our architects in Malibu will be involved in the design, construction, and finishing, we typically expect to work with clients for 12-18 months. The time will be much shorter if all you need from us is concept design.

The complexity and size of your project are the main factors that will influence the project timeline. Once we have developed your brief, we can estimate how much time it will take to complete the project. Our architects in Malibu prefer to work with milestone dates to make it easier to track progress and manage expectations.

Perhaps you have a firm target and would want us to speed things up, all you have to do is let us know. We will give you options that can speed up the execution of your project. However, we generally advise that clients should not rush their building design or construction. These projects, by nature, are permanent. Thus, getting things right should be the priority, and not getting things done fast.

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